Reducing Agents

Reducing Agents, sometimes referred to as reductants or reducers, are elements or compounds that lose an electron to some other chemical species in a redox chemical reaction. A reducing agent is usually in one of its lower oxidation states and is known as the electron donor. Reducing agents are typically used in protein solutions in order to cleave the disulfide bond between cysteine amino acids, but most are used in a variety of other applications across many fields of science. GoldBio has a number of reducing agents available, including DTT (dithiothreitol), glutathione, DTE (dithioerythritol) and TCEP. GoldBio Reducing Agents are Proven and Published™ ensuring quality agents with optimum potential.
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Cysteamine Hydrochloride

Catalog ID Size Pricing
C-122-100 4 x 25 g $ 141.00
C-122-25 25 g $ 141.00


Cysteamine Hydrochloride or cysteamine is a mercaptoethylamine hydrochloride salt reductant that forms in mammals from pantetheine formation by degrading Coenzyme A. It has been used as a cystine depleting agent as well as a somatostatin inhibitor.

Cysteamine has been shown in vivo to remove accumulated cystine in lysosomes by forming disulfide bridges with cystine. The interaction between cysteamine and cystine forms cysteine and cysteine-cysteamine mixed disulfide which can freely exit lysosomes.

Cysteamine has also been shown to inhibit somatostatin however, the mechanism of action has not been elucidated. It is believed to either inhibit somatostatin precursor formation or by promoting somatostatin degradation.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID C-122
CAS # 156-57-0
MW 113.61 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at 4°C.
Packs & Pricing
C-122-100 2-3 weeks 4 x 25 g $ 141.00
C-122-25 2-3 Weeks 25 g $ 141.00

DTE (Dithioerythritol)

Catalog ID Size Pricing
D-260-5 5 g $ 68.00
D-260-25 25 g $ 163.00
D-260-50 50 g $ 298.00
D-260-100 100 g $ 527.00
D-260-250 250 g $ 1,213.00


Dithioerythritol (DTE) is one of two Cleland's Reagents (along with DTT). The two chemicals are epimers of each other, in which the hydroxyl groups of DTE are in the cis form as opposed to the trans form for DTT.

DTE is a strong reducing agent and is a component of buffers used in protocols for the isolation and purification of proteins.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID D-260
CAS # 6892-68-8
MW 154.25 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C. Protect from light.
Packs & Pricing
D-260-5 2-3 Weeks 5 g $ 68.00
D-260-25 2-3 Weeks 25 g $ 163.00
D-260-50 2-3 Weeks 50 g $ 298.00
D-260-100 2-3 Weeks 100 g $ 527.00
D-260-250 2-3 Weeks 250 g $ 1,213.00

DTT (Dithiothreitol) (> 99% pure) Protease free

Catalog ID Size Pricing
DTT10 10 g $ 65.00
DTT25 25 g $ 135.00
DTT50 50 g $ 239.00
DTT100 100 g $ 385.00
DTT500 500 g $ 1,715.00


Dithiothreitol (DTT) is the common name of the more popular of the two Cleland’s Reagents (the other being Dithioerythritol or DTE). DTT is a powerful reducing agent that forms a stable six-membered ring with an internal disulfide bond which is resistant to oxidation. DTT is often used for the following: reducing the disulfide bridge of the cross-linker N,N′-bis(acryloyl) cystamine to break apart the matrix of a polyacrylamide gel, the reduction of disulfide bonds in proteins, the prevention of those bonds from forming between cysteine residues and lastly, DTT is often used to reduce thiolated DNA in order to minimize dimerization.

DTT is a nearly 7-fold stronger reduction agent than βME (β-mercaptoethanol) and has a less offensive odor and is less toxic.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID DTT
Name(s) DTT, DL-Dithiothreitol (Clelands Reagent),
(2 S,3S)-1,4-bis(sulfanyl)butane-2,3-diol,
D- threo-1,4-dimercapto-2,3-butanediol
CAS # 27565-41-9 / 3483-12-3
Formula C4H10O2S2
MW 154.25 g/mol
PubChem Chemical ID 19001
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C.
Packs & Pricing
DTT10 In stock 10 g $ 65.00
DTT25 In stock 25 g $ 135.00
DTT50 In stock 50 g $ 239.00
DTT100 In stock 100 g $ 385.00
DTT500 In stock 500 g $ 1,715.00

Glutathione reduced ethyl ester

There is no image for Glutathione reduced ethyl ester Glutathione reduced ethyl ester
Catalog ID Size Pricing
G-275-500 500 mg $ 294.00


No description available

Product Specifications

Catalog ID G-275
CAS # 118421-50-4
MW 335.38 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store at -20°C.
Packs & Pricing
G-275-500 2-3 Weeks 500 mg $ 294.00

Glutathione, Oxidized

Catalog ID Size Pricing
G-060-1 1 g $ 39.00
G-060-5 5 g $ 75.00
G-060-10 10 g $ 125.00
G-060-25 25 g $ 225.00
G-060-100 100 g $ 519.00


Glutathione, Oxidized (GSSG) is the oxidized version of the naturally occurring and very important detoxification agent glutathione (GSH). When used in vivo, GSSG will not remain oxidized, but rather be reduced back to GSH. A ratio of GSH to GSSG can be used to determine the level of oxidative stress that has occurred in cells. When a cell has higher levels of GSSG, then it can be implied that more oxidative stress has occurred within the cell.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID G-060
CAS # 27025-41-8
MW 612.63 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store at 4°C.
Packs & Pricing
G-060-1 In stock 1 g $ 39.00
G-060-5 In stock 5 g $ 75.00
G-060-10 In stock 10 g $ 125.00
G-060-25 In stock 25 g $ 225.00
G-060-100 In stock 100 g $ 519.00

L-Glutathione, Reduced

Catalog ID Size Pricing
G-155-25 25 g $ 89.00
G-155-50 50 g $ 165.00
G-155-100 100 g $ 295.00
G-155-250 250 g $ 505.00
G-155-500 500 g $ 945.00
G-155-1000 1 kg $ 1,765.00


L-Glutathione is a co-substrate to glutathione transferase found in plants and animals and is involved in the elimination of free radicals resulting from both cellular respiratory and metabolic activities.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID G-155
CAS # 70-18-8
MW 307.32 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store at 4°C. Protect from light.
Packs & Pricing
G-155-25 In stock 25 g $ 89.00
G-155-50 In stock 50 g $ 165.00
G-155-100 In stock 100 g $ 295.00
G-155-250 In stock 250 g $ 505.00
G-155-500 In stock 500 g $ 945.00
G-155-1000 In stock 1 kg $ 1,765.00


Catalog ID Size Pricing
TCEP1 1 g $ 29.00
TCEP2 2 g $ 49.00
TCEP5 5 g $ 89.00
TCEP10 10 g $ 145.00
TCEP25 25 g $ 289.00
TCEP50 50 g $ 529.00
TCEP100 100 g $ 1,035.00


TCEP-HCl is an odorless reducing agent suitable for protein applications and in the preparation for electrophoresis. TCEP is water soluble, is stable in a variety of solutions and is particularly useful in the labeling of cysteine residues with maleimides, preventing the cysteines from forming disulfide bonds. As a reducing agent, TCEP has many other desirable features.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID TCEP
Name(s) TCEP-HCl;
Tris (2-Carboxyethyl) phosphine Hydrochloride
CAS # 51805-45-9
Grade Molecular Biology Grade
Formula C9H15O6P • HCl
MW 286.65 g/mol
PubChem Chemical ID 2734570
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C.
Packs & Pricing
TCEP1 In stock 1 g $ 29.00
TCEP2 In stock 2 g $ 49.00
TCEP5 In stock 5 g $ 89.00
TCEP10 In stock 10 g $ 145.00
TCEP25 In stock 25 g $ 289.00
TCEP50 In stock 50 g $ 529.00
TCEP100 In stock 100 g $ 1,035.00

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