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Molecular cloning and subsequent expression of a functional protein are necessary techniques in biological research. Our featured cloning products include IPTG, yeast cloning and induction reagents, lysis buffers and enzymes including PFU DNA polymerases, ligases, exonucleases, alkaline phosphatases, and polynucleotide kinase. GoldBio aims to provide these quality products and tools, which are fundamental for induction, selection and protein purification, at a fraction of the price of other suppliers, allowing you to focus your research funds on the things that really matter.

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Below you will find a large variety of reagents designed to simplify your cloning and protein expression. Gold Biotechnology offers various lysis buffers fit for bacterial, animal, plant or yeast cultures, as well as IPTG, which is also available in an easy-to-use EZ Pakā„¢, and 5-Fluoroorotic Acid, ideal for yeast selection. In addition, our highly efficient competent cells will facilitate your specific and routine cloning and expression applications.

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Performing succesful cloning and protein expression studies requires high quality products along with reliable and detailed tools. Thus, we have developed a large range of different technical protocols including our ligation and blunting DNA procedures. We also offer informative articles and video demos that will describe IPTG's function and use in protein expression. In addition, our PCR master mix calculator and troubleshooting tips will provide answers to your DNA amplification questions and simplify your cloning workflow.

So Many DNA Polymerases, So Little Time
There are many different polymerase enzymes available that exhibit different amplification abilities...
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