Find helpful handbooks that include detailed technical information, charts, illustrations, product information, protocols, troubleshooting and more.

Image thumbnail for PCR Handbook
PCR Handbook
Learn everything about PCR, including what it is, they different types used in biotechnology, how to choose which one to use, get access to protocols, product lists, charts, troubleshooting and so much more.
Image thumbnail for Postdoc Survival Guide
Postdoc Survival Guide
Whether you're about to apply for your postdoc or you're just finishing up, this survival guide is packed with information you need to know. Learn the basics of entering the program, get detailed checklists, guides and interactive evaluations sheets. Discover career advice including a template for your resume, CV and cover letter. Get your copy today.
Image thumbnail for Student Survival Guide
Student Survival Guide
Whether you're an undergrad thinking about grad school or are already in grad school, navigating your future in science can be challenging. This survival guide helps you prepare for the new world you're about to discover. Inside, you'll find helpful articles as well as useful checklists, guides, diagrams, charts and so much more.
Image thumbnail for Lab Management Organizer and Handbook
Lab Management Organizer and Handbook
The lab management organizer and handbook is a laboratory essential. This e-book is loaded with important articles, helpful charts and guides, and loads of customizable forms, logs and checklists that will be vital for your lab. This handbook is ideal for anyone starting a new lab, managing a lab, new to a lab or researchers who want to stay on top of things. Download your copy for free.
Image thumbnail for Biological Buffers Handbook
Biological Buffers Handbook
This 65 page handbook details everything you need to get started with biological buffers in your lab. Understand buffer families and calculations. Get access to helpful tables and troubleshooting information, all in one place.
Image thumbnail for Science Writing Handbook - A Resource for your Research Manuscript
Science Writing Handbook - A Resource for your Research Manuscript
This handbook dives into writing tips, advice for each section of your manuscript, guides on data visualization and so much more.
Image thumbnail for Proteinase K Handbook
Proteinase K Handbook
This handbook is packed with information about proteinase K, its applications, protocols, troubleshooting, FAQs and more. If you're working with proteinase K, you don't want to not have this handbook.
Image thumbnail for Luciferin In Vitro Handbook
Luciferin In Vitro Handbook
Included in the Luciferin In Vitro Handbook is everything you need to run your experiment efficiently. Here you will find information about luciferin and luciferase, the bioluminescence reaction, product specifications and materials, protocols for stock solutions and buffers, preparation tips, calculations and more.
Image thumbnail for Luciferin In Vivo Handbook
Luciferin In Vivo Handbook
The Luciferin In Vivo Handbook provides pages of important information for in vivo imaging. Find detailed guides on proper injection methods, preparation, calculations and more.
Image thumbnail for Growth Factor Handbook
Growth Factor Handbook
The Growth Factor Handbook covers four growth factor families in a detailed overview. Learn more about fibroblast growth factors (FGFs), epidermal growth factors (EGFs), interluekins, and the hedgehog signaling pathway.

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