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Buffers are essential in many different biological and biotechnical applications. GoldBio’s vast array of application-specific buffers include biological, electrophoresis, lysis, chromatograpy, and cell culture buffers in order to ensure that we have exactly the right product for both your research needs as well as your budget. We also provide a carefully developed collection of resources and tools that includes a detailed buffer handbook, buffer preparation protocols, reference charts, application information, and detailed articles designed to help you prepare and use the buffers needed in your experiments.

Select Buffers and Reagents

Browse our select buffers including our trusted biological buffers (Good's buffers), which are ideal for your biochemical experiments. We also offer buffers and washes for your chromatography system and purification of your protein of interest. GoldBio's His-tag Buffer set contains a wash buffer and elution buffer that work well with nickel and cobalt agarose resins. Our 5x Phosphate Buffer with Imidazole will also aid in purification of your his-tagged protein. In addition, our lysis buffers will allow you to conveniently lyse bacteria, plant cells, animal cells and yeast cultures.

Here, you will also find high-quality buffers and buffering solutions for different types of electrophoresis analyses, making your protein and DNA analysis much easier and reliable. Buffering agents in cell and plant culture media are elemental in establishing a pH that facilitates maintenance, growth and healthy metabolism. Our exceptional cell culture buffers including phosphate buffered saline (PBS), HEPES, BES, MES and PIPES, will maintain healthy cells, ensuring your cell and plant culture assays give consistent results.

GoldBio's Buffers Handbook
Provides in depth look into biological buffers, troubleshooting, protocols, FAQs and more.
Download here

Access Buffer Resources and Tools

Here at GoldBio we understand how important it is provide you high-quality buffers as well as accurate buffer stock solution protocols, technical articles, buffer guides and reference charts. Our Buffers Handbook groups buffers by structural family--acetamido, Tris, Morpholinic, and Piperazinic among others--and is a perfect resource that describes buffers' chemistry, solubility, pka range, molecular weight and applications. It also helps you choose the right buffer for your experiment and solve common buffer problems through FAQs and troubleshooting tips.

Below you will also find comprehensive protocols for the preparation of common buffers: Tris HCl, PHEM, and Tris-EDTA (TE). Our articles also contain buffer preparation information. For example, "How to prepare your most frequently used buffers" describes the preparation of Bis-Tris, HEPES, MES, PIPES, TES, Tris and Tris HCl, TBE, TAE, TE and PBS. In addition, we have generated comprehensive buffer charts and selection guides that contain buffers arranged by family with their associated pKa and pH ranges. These tools also list composition and recommended downstream applications.

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