Agarose Resins

Characterization of protein structure and function relies on affinity chromatography to purify target proteins for downstream analysis. At GoldBio, we offer different affinity resins and columns including aminoethyl and glyoxal agarose beads, Glutathione S-transferase (GST) and nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) resins, antibody ̶ Protein A and Protein G ̶ and histidine-tagged protein purification resins, immobilized enzyme resins, and magnetic, crosslinked and plain agarose beads. Below, you will also find our tested and trusted buffers and washes as well as the necessary equipment to help you obtain optimal binding and elution and achieve a high protein yield in small batch or large scale assays. You can also access our extensive collection of resources, designed to simplify your protein isolation procedure, that consists of detailed protocols, video demos and troubleshooting guides.

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  • Our glyoxal agarose resins, offered in low and high density formats, are designed for optimal protein immobilization since they have high binding capacity, high specificity, fast conjugation and provide highly reproducible results.
  • We provide high-quality chromatography equipment including gravity columns, regular and spin-mini columns to use in fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) and medium pressure liquid chromatography (MPLC) as well as empty columns that can be customized for your specific protein purification assay.
  • Our products also support affinity chromatography-facilitated isolation of recombinant proteins. GST-tagged proteins can be isolated through our glutathione resins in a one-step purification method allowing for rapid recovery. Histidine-tagged protein purification is made easy through our thoroughly tested cobalt, nickel, copper and zinc immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) IDA and NTA resins.
  • We also offer nickel NTA magnetic agarose beads, which are a suitable and convenient alternative for small scale purification of his-tagged proteins in native or denaturing conditions. In addition, our ready-to-use washing and elution buffers, His-tag buffer set and imidazole are available to meet your purification needs.
  • Our immobilized enzyme resins feature immobilized ficin, papain and pepsin agarose resins that facilitate the generation of F(ab’)2 fragments and small Fc peptide fragments. Immobilized pepstatin and trypsin agarose resins allow enrichment of a variety of specific macromolecules.
  • We carry a large range of crosslinked and plain agarose beads for effective isolation of proteins through size exclusion chromatography.
Pouring and Packing an Agarose Column
This protein purification video will demonstrate the methods used to pack a bulk agarose affinity re...
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Discover Protein Purification Resources

Here you will find charts, guides, tools, video demonstrations, detailed protocols and in-depth articles that will aid in planning the purification workflow of your target protein depending on the downstream application. You will also find information to help you compare binding characteristics of various resins and different GoldBio products. We have also developed comprehensive troubleshooting articles that contain solutions to the most common affinity chromatography problems.

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