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Enzymes are vital macromolecules that regulate cellular functions by acting as catalysts and speeding up chemical reactions. An enzyme's function largely depends on the presence of substrates as well as potent inhibitors, whose function is to decrease enzymatic activity. Our expanding enzyme collection includes many different enzymes that will function effectively and efficiently in your assays. We also have a large collection of inhibitors like Proteinase K or RNase. In addition, we also carry substrates like X-Gluc and X-Gal for detection and monitoring biological activity in living organisms. D-Luciferin Potassium Salt, our most popular bioluminescent substrate, can be used for in vivo and in vitro imaging. GoldBio knows that having high quality enzyme tools and resources are important to your research, and we are committed to delivering quality products at a fraction of the price.

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Here you can learn more about our wide range of enzymes, substrates and inhibitors optimized to facilitate the study of your signal transduction pathways of interest. Our enzymes include alkaline phosphatase, horseradish peroxidase, β-Glucosidase as well as enzymes for molecular biology research including DNase, RNase, Cas9 Nuclease, and various DNA polymerases. In addition, we carry chromogenic, chemiluminescent and fluorogenic substrates such as firefly luciferin, MUG, X- α-Gal, X-Gluc, as well as many others, ideal for a wide range biological applications.

Luciferin is commonly used throughout the biotechnology field and has been very useful in cancer research. We provide you with different luciferins ̶ D-Luciferin Firefly, DMNPE-caged Luciferin, and L-Luciferin ̶ as well as Coelenterazines that have been Proven and Published™ that ensure reproducible and reliable results in in vivo animal models and in vitro luciferase reporter assays, BRET (Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer), ELISA and HTS methods.

Enzyme inhibitors are a very useful component of many biological and pharmacological assays. GoldBio offers a superior selection of reversible and irreversible enzyme inhibitors for your research. Among others, we offer Pepstatin A, Trypsin inhibitors, RNase inhibitor, E-64 and aprotinin.

Chromogenic and Fluorogenic Substrates

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Simplify your enzymatic assays and research through our detailed protocols, tips and troubleshooting strategies. In addition, our product guides and FAQs provide answers to many of your technical questions including assay optimization and enzyme activation temperature and pH. . We have also developed a stock solution calculator which allows you to calculate the volume from a specific mass and concentration of one of your products as well as providing stock solution protocols and basic product information. Moreover, we have an extensive library of stock solution protocols for substrate, enzymatic and protease inhibitor solutions.

Proteinase K Digestion Guide
Contains experimental conditions--temperature, incubation time, stock concentration, volume--for dig...
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Stock Solution Protocols

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