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Here at GoldBio we understand that plant research and high quality reagents are needed for the understanding of key regulatory mechanisms in plant growth as well as development of new and improved crops that will survive in different environments. Plant cell growth regulators, or phytohormones, affect the growth and differentiation of tissues, organs and plant cells. We offer many different plant hormone regulators such as gibberellic acid, auxins (i.e. IAA or abscisic acid), and zeatin. GoldBio also carries bialaphos, a selective agent utilizing the pat and bar genes for transformation experiments. We also proudly provide products from Duchefa, the world leader in plant research reagents. Our products and our protocols and resources deliver a stable and affordable way to grow and experiment with your plant cultures.

Discover GoldBio Plant Research Products

Click below to explore agar and plant media products, protease inhibitors, plant cell growth regulators and plant selective agents and DNA amplification tools designed to facilitate your plant research. Duchefa agar and agar substitutes are designed to be free of contaminants that would impede plant cell growth, ensuring a clean medium for your experiments. Moreover, our plant growth regulators--gibberellins, cytokinins, auxins and others-- simplify the study of various plant processes including cell division, fruit, seed and root growth as well as plant senescence. Our trusted antibiotics and herbicides (bialaphos, phosphinothricin, Actinomycin D and others) can be used in plant regeneration to effectively eliminate nontransgenic cells.

Here you will also find our highly effective ProBlockā„¢ Gold Plant Protease Inhibitor Cocktail that contains reversible and irreversible protease inhibitors to target serine, cysteine, metalloproteases and aspartic proteases and aminopeptidases, and has been optimized for use with plant tissue and cell lysates during protein purification.

Browse our Plant Research Resources and Tools

Your can access our large collection of step-by-step plant research protocols to achieve reproducible results. We provide protocols for transformation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens, tobacco, potato-agrobacterium. We also provide a detailed procedure for Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation (ATMT) for Colletotrichum graminicola as well as biolistic transformation of maize. In addition, we offer instructions for screening of transformed plants using phosphinothricin or bialaphos.

Our resources also include protocols for imaging of callose using aniline blue as well as preparation of gibberellic acid stock solution for plant cell culture. We have also generated a guide describing Gibberellin occurrence in plant tissue and the physical differences between Gibberellins.

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