Cell Culture

Immortalized cell lines and primary cell cultures commonly serve as models to study cell signaling and disease mechanisms. GoldBio's large selection of cell culture reagents will ensure that cellular processes as well as cell viability and growth in your cell culture systems are maintained. We have also developed a large collection of protocols, guides, video demonstrations and handbooks to simplify your cell culture assays.

Select Cell Culture Products

Browse our cell culture reagents, trusted and designed to help maintain healthy cell cultures and yield reproducible cell culture assay results. We carry a wide range of antibiotics-also available as solutions and EZ Paks™ making it easier for you to prepare sterile antibiotic solutions. We also carry balanced salt solutions, biologically active growth factors, media supplements, buffers and reagents designed to test cell metabolic activity and proliferation. In addition, we also offer cell disassociation products and other media additives suitable for your mammalian cell culture.

Antibiotic Treatments of Microbe-Contaminated Cell Cultures
Protocol for the use of antibiotics to eliminate fungal, bacterial and mycoplasma contamination of c...
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Explore our Cell Culture Resources and Tools

Here you will find a range of information and tips about how to perform, optimize and troubleshoot different cell culture techniques and assays. We offer protocols for cell proliferation assays and other methods, growth factor charts, tips on how to choose your cell line, and video protocols. Here, you will also find information on how to combat microbe contamination in your cultured cells allowing you to maintain healthy cell lines and produce reliable and reproducible results. In addition, our collection of cell culture resources include cell differentiation protocols and handbooks that will guide you through the use of growth factors and other media additives in the differentiation of tissue-specific cell types.

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