Protein Expression & Purification

Expression and isolation of recombinant proteins are essential methods commonly used in biological research. Choose from our exceptional reagents and tools to successfully express, extract and characterize your protein of interest in the expression and purification systems of your choice. Our protein expression products include inducers such as IPTG. In addition, we offer high-quality reducing reagents, reversible and irreversible protease inhibitors, and cell lysis reagents and kits to easily isolate high-yield proteins from a wide range of cells and tissues. GoldBio also provides you with purification columns and a variety of agarose beads and resins for your large or small scale (magnetic beads) affinity chromatography protein isolation use.

Select Protein Expression and Purification Reagents

Browse our IPTG, reducing reagents including DTT, TCEP, cell lysis buffers, protease inhibitors and ProBlock™ collection of protease inhibitor cocktails specific for mammalian, plant, bacterial, and yeast cells. We also offer a wide range of affinity purification agarose resins, columns and cartridges for reliable immobilization and isolation of proteins including GST-tagged and His-tagged proteins. In addition, our Nickel-NTA magnetic beads are ideal for small scale affinity purifcation of His-tagged (6xHis) fusion proteins. Our Protein G and Protein A resins will aid in the separation and high yield purification of classes, subclasses and fragments of antibodies from your cell lysate preparations. Finally, our immunohistochemistry products - BCIP, DAB, TMB and NBT - will allow analysis of specific proteins in your biological tissue samples.

Popular Agarose (Sepharose™) Beads
Includes Nickel, Cobalt Agarose Beads and Glutathione Agarose Resins

Tools and Resources for Protein Expression, Extraction and Isolation

Using our detailed cell lysis protocols, articles and complete guides for the selection of protease inhibitors and cocktails will save you time and expedite sample preparation extraction and purification of proteins bearing common affinity tags including Histidine (His) and Glutathione-S-transferase (GST) in different formats. Our protein isolation resources also include video demonstrations and troubleshooting tips for the use of agarose beads and other methods.

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