Antibiotics & Selection

Antibiotics are antimicrobials that target and kill bacteria by inducing cell death or inhibiting cell growth and are a necessary reagent to succesfully perfom cell culture and other techniques in the lab. Here, you will find GoldBio's broad range of antibiotics including ampicillin, carbenicillin, G-418 and nourseothricin. We also offer large selection antineoplastic antibiotics, antiviral agents, antiparasite reagents and plant selection agents to combat microbial contamination in your laboratory. Below you will also find protocols, video demonstrations, FAQs, an antibiotic guide and informative articles to help you choose and use the right antibiotic or antimicrobial agent in your experiment.

Choose Your Antimicrobial

Our high quality antibiotics and antimicrobial agents are designed for a wide variety of applications including cell culture, cancer research, plant selection and antiviral studies. In addition, many of our antibiotics also come in Solution or in easy-to-use EZ Paks™ kits that include preweighed antibiotic powder, a sterile filter and a sterile container for the filtered solution so you can easily prepare a sterile antibiotic solution.

Below you will find Gentamicin and other cell culture antibiotics, which will prevent and eliminate bacterial, fungi and mycoplasma contamination of your cells and cell culture media. We also offer a large selection of antiviral agents that includes formonentin, chlorhexidine and ribavirin, for your in vitro and in vivo viral pathogenesis studies. Here, you can also learn about our antineoplastic reagents that include apoptosis inducers, antitumor antimicrobials, growth factor inhibitors, drug precursors, dyes and stains. In addition, we offer antihelmintics, antifungal reagents as well as plant selection products, which can be used in plant tissue culture and other plant research experiments.

Discover our Antibiotic Resources and Tools

Looking for the right antibiotic for your experiment? Check out our antibiotic articles and demonstration videos. Also, our protocols make it easy for you to test, prepare and use your antibiotic solutions. Our team has also compiled and aswered the most frequently asked questions on our antimicrobials to provide solutions for you. Furthermore, you can find information on specific antibiotics, their applications and use in GoldBio's comprehensive antibiotic blogs.

A Guide for Choosing Between Commonly Used Antibiotics
When it comes to choosing between common research antibiotics, there are a few guidelines that can h...
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GoldBio's Antibiotics FAQs

What is the preferred storage method for GoldBio's antibiotics?

We recommend storing powder antibiotics desiccated at -20°C. For solutions, we recommend tightly sealing the bottle and storing at -20°C. Make aliquots as desired. These are recommendations only. Please refer to the bottle label and supporting documents for the minimum storage conditions to maximize shelf life and efficacy.

How long will my antibiotics last in storage if they are not kept desiccated?

Desiccation is very important for the longevity of many laboratory chemicals. If your antibiotics are not stored desiccated, it may result in a shorter shelf life. There is no clear answer as other factors such as how the products are stored will also influence shelf life. We suggest testing your antibiotics using the Kirby Bauer Method.

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