Highest Density Nickel

Product Description

GoldBio’s new Highest Density Nickel Agarose is a high capacity resin manufactured with a polychelator ligand. The product was developed to work in the presence of EDTA and DTT without any loss of performance. Its specificity and stability allows a one-step purification, eliminating the need for pretreatment of samples that cause nickel stripping.

Our Highest Density Nickel Agarose is supplied as a suspension in 50% aqueous suspension containing 20% ethanol. Purifications can be performed using 20mM EDTA and 20mM DTT and can work in both native as well as denaturing conditions.

Product Specifications
Bead Geometry/Size: Spherical - ~50-150 µm

Crosslinking: Highly Crosslinked

Agarose: 6%

Chemical Stability:

  • 20mM DTT
  • 20mM EDTA
  • 8M urea
  • 6M guanidine hydrochloride
  • 30% acetonitrile
  • 100% methanol
  • 100% ethanol
  • Buffer solutions at pH 4 - 9

Loading Capacity: >60 μmol me2+/ml gel

Static Binding Capacity: ≥80 mg/ml gel

Antimicrobial Agent: 20% ethanol

Storage/Handling: Store at 4°C. Do NOT freeze.

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