Now that spring has finally sprung here in the Midwest, we’re able to take a look back at the first quarter of 2013 to see how we are doing. Over the first three months of this year, we shipped out more packages than ever before: more boxes, to more researchers, all over the world. It’s humbling. We’ve been in this business for more than 25 years, and we continue to reach more and more people. I want to express a sincere thank you from Dr. Gold, myself, and the entire Goldbio team. It is a great feeling to know that researchers are continuing to trust us to provide them with premium, affordable chemicals and reagents.

Last week, a friend sent me a TED talk by Simon Sinek from September 2009. The key point of his talk that I took away is that people don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. I couldn’t help but make the connection between this point and our company. Dr. Gold founded Gold Biotechnology in 1986, after his post doc, because he knew that the reagents he was using didn’t have to be so expensive. This journey to provide the market with low-cost reagents has really been about eliminating barriers to research. We’ve said it many times; by offering premium products at low price points, we are eliminating the barriers to the kind of research that can benefit us all. That’s why we do it. Research can be prohibitive for many reasons, but the cost of reagents does not have to be one of them. We allow researchers to do more with their budget because they are not constrained by the cost of their reagents. If people in labs all over the world are doing more, think of the discoveries that will come, discoveries that can and will change the world. Maybe that sounds like a pie-in-the-sky dream, or some may say we drank the Kool-Aid®, but that’s why we’re in business.

Whenever we get the opportunity to meet with our customers, whether at trade shows or in visits to their labs, we love to open up about why we are in business. We certainly don’t mind showing off our knowledge about the products we sell, but we also love to tell our story and to tell people why we do what we do. If the number of reagents we are sending out is any indication, then you, the lab techs, grad students, post docs, and investigators, all hear us and agree with us. For that, we thank you.


Bart Sacino

Director of Marketing, Gold Biotechnology, Inc.

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