Here in the States, we are all gearing up for that very special day of days: when the gravy lakes overflow their banks of mashed potatoes, when the cranberry sauce collides with grandma’s green bean casserole, the marshmellow-y goodness of the yams cascades over it all to sweeten the corn and the turkey to perfection, and the home-made dinner rolls soak it all up to give you that pleasantly stuffed, drowsily-content feeling of a dinner well-ate.

Ah…Thanksgiving! Would that the entire world could share in our tryptophan-induced dreams!

Of course, we now know that Tryptophan has absolutely nothing to do with the post-masticating bliss. That’s a matter for the potatoes, the breads, and the nearly 2 dozen deserts we’ll happily sample this Holiday! But L-Tryptophan IS a major amino acid in turkey meat, and here at Gold Bio, we DO happen to sell L-Tryptophan (T-115) for all of your amino acid-related research. For instance, you probably know that tryptophan can be synthesized into Serotonin via tryptophan hydroxylase. But did you know that earlier this year, Science published an article about tryptophan dimers playing an important role in plant UVR8 photoreceptors, which are essential in the expression of more than 100 genes in Arabidopsis?

So…count the many blessings in your life today, wherever you might live. Think of all of the great things that are behind you and the greater things you’ve yet to discover. And if you begin to dream of a brilliant experiment involving turkey, potatoes and apple pie while you’re “resting your eyes” a bit, remember that Gold Bio wishes you many fond “thanks” for your support and is here to provide for all of your reagent needs!

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