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Product Description

Ribonolactone is a monosaccharide carbohydrate beta-lactone which can function as a reagent. In chiral acrylics, cyclopentenones and oxabicyclic systems, Ribonolactone is a building block. Research on the substance involves carbohydrate chemistry and photochemical synthesis. Ribonolactone has been identified as an effective analyte protectant for GC/MS analyzing pesticide. This metabolite which has been isolated in human biofluids when the individuals suffer from neuroblastoma.

Product Specifications
D-Lyxonic acid gamma-lactone
D-(+)-Ribonic g-lactone
D-Ribono-1,4-lactone(D-(+)-Ribonic acid γ-lactone)

Formula: C5H8O5

MW: 148.11 g/mol

Storage/Handling: Store at -20°C.

PubChem Chemical ID: 111064

Product Specifications

Catalog ID D-240
CAS # 15384-34-6
MW 148.11 g/mol

Technical Documentation

P Protocol
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