5X Luciferase Lysis Buffer

Product Description

5X Luciferase Lysis Buffer is a concentrated cell lysis buffer that is designed for use with GoldBio’s Illumination™ Firefly Luciferase Enhanced Assay Kit.The kit is supplied with enough lysis buffer to perform the stated number of assays.This 5X Luciferase Lysis Buffer is sold separately for use with the kits when more lysis buffer is required.

5X Luciferase Lysis Buffer is not compatible with Renilla Luciferase or the Illumination™ Renilla Luciferase Enhanced Assay Kit.For Renilla luciferase assays, use 5X Passive Lysis Buffer (GoldBio Catalog # L-745).

Storage/Handing: Store at -20°C.

Product may be shipped at ambient temperature without reducing performance. Please place at the recommended storage conditions upon receipt of the product.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID L-740
Storage/Handling Store at -20°C.

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