pCAMBIA1391z Plasmid

Product Description

pCambia1391Z is a reliable vector plasmid derived from pPZP and is a robust tool for genetic manipulation in plants. Versatile and stable, pCambia1391Z adapts to a wide array of plant species, maintaining the integrity of inserted DNA throughout transformation and regeneration. Designed specifically for promoter testing in plants, this vector harbors a promoterless version of gusA for tracking and visualizing transformed cells. It is additionally coupled with a catalase intron downstream of a truncated lacZ gene, enabling blue/white screening in suitable E. coli host strains.

pCAMBIA1391Z contains the powerful, double-enhancer version of the CaMV35S promoter, ensuring robust expression. pCAMBIA1391Z also features a reporter gene with a hexa-Histidine tag at the C-terminus, offering a purification method by immobilized metal affinity chromatography resins.

pCambia1391Z boasts a multiple cloning site (MCS) flanked by border sequences, facilitating seamless insertion of foreign DNA into plant cells. The vector includes antibiotic resistance genes for kanamycin and hygromycin for quick identification of transformed cells. In conjunction with a helper plasmid, pCambia1391Z facilitates T-DNA transfer into plants, ensuring precise genetic modifications without unwanted elements and, as a binary vector, it features T-DNA borders essential for Agrobacterium-mediated transfer into plant genomes. pCambia1391Z was engineered to remove an unwanted IS4 element from the original clone, pCambia1391.


  • Multiple Cloning Site (MCS): pCambia1391z contains a multiple cloning site, which allows for the easy insertion of foreign DNA. This MCS is flanked by border sequences that facilitate the transfer of the DNA insert into plant cells.
  • Selectable Marker Genes: pCambia1391z contain the antibiotic resistance genes for kanamycin and hygromycin resistance, making it easy to identify cells that have successfully incorporated the plasmid.
  • Reporter Genes: pCambia1391z carries the gene for β-glucuronidase (GUS) which allow for easy tracking and visualization of transformed cells.
  • T-DNA Borders: pCambia1391z is a binary vector, meaning that it has T-DNA (transfer DNA) borders necessary for the Agrobacterium-mediated transfer of DNA into plant genomes. The DNA between these borders is transferred into the plant genome.
  • Origin of Replication: pCambia1391z has an origin of replication suitable for maintenance in both E. coli (for cloning and plasmid amplification) and Agrobacterium tumefaciens (for plant transformation).
  • Versatility: pCambia1391z is designed to be versatile and can be used in a wide range of plant species.
  • Stability: They are generally stable and maintain the integrity of the inserted DNA during the transformation and regeneration processes in plants.
  • Binary Vector System: As part of a binary vector system, the pCambia1391z plasmid is used alongside a helper plasmid in Agrobacterium, which contains the genes required for T-DNA transfer but not the T-DNA region itself.

Product Specifications

Concentration: 0.2 μg/μL in TE
Volume: 50 μL
Backbone size: 11,226 bp
Vector type: Cloning vector
Promoter: CAMV 35S / LacZ
Bacterial Resistance(s): Kanamycin
Plant Resistance(s): Hygromycin B
Copy number: High Copy
Genbank Assession Number: AF234312.1

Vector Map


GoldBio Vector Map and Sequence for pCambia1391Z


pCambia1391Z DNA is at 0.2 μg/μL concentration in TE buffer.
Store all plasmids at -20°C.

Technical Documentation

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