Nickel NTA Magnetic Agarose Beads

Product Description

Nickel NTA Magnetic Agarose Beads are a rapid and easy small scale purification of histidine-tagged proteins. This resin consists of magnetic agarose derivatized with Nitrilotriacetic (NTA) and provides good properties working in native or denaturing conditions. Magnetic agarose beads provide a convenient and quick method for purification without the need for pipetting or centrifugation. Washing, binding and elution steps will require a magnetic device.

NTA cross-linked resins consist of nitrilotriacetic acid groups ligated by stable ether linkages via a spacer arm. NTA is a tetravalent chelating agent which provides a higher specificity and lower ion leaching than IDA linked resins. NTA resins have also been shown to be more robust in the presence of higher concentrations of EDTA, but may require a higher imidazole concentration for protein elution. This resin is loaded with Ni 2+. The resulting, ready-to-use resin is ideal for rapid purifications of His-tagged proteins.

Nickel NTA Magnetic Beads are supplied as a 5% suspension of magnetic beads in 20% ethanol (each 1 ml of suspension contains 50 μl of magnetic beads).

Loading Capacity (μmol me2+/ml gel): >20 µmol/ ml gel

Binding Capacity: >75 mg His-tagged protein/ ml gel

Storage/Handling: Store at 4°C. Do not freeze.

Note: GoldBio recommends using Nickel NTA resins in the presence of elevated levels of reducing agents in order to ensure optimal purification of your target protein. Nickel IDA resins may show some discoloration in reaction with low levels of reducing agents but are still functional at low levels of reducing agents (≤5mM DTT).

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Catalog ID H-351
Storage/Handling store at 4°C. Do NOT freeze.

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