Camptothecin (Mappia foetida)

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Product Description

Camptothecin is an alkaloid compound used as an anti-cancer agent. It is a topoisomerase I inhibitor in DNA synthesis. Camptothecin has been shown to bind and stabilize a topoisomerase I-DNA complex in vitro, preventing the enzyme from reannealing DNA strands. This inhibition specifically effects the S-phase of cell development and ultimately results in apoptosis due to damaged DNA.

Camptothecin is found in Mappia foetida (Nothapodytes foetida), a plant native to eastern India. The compound itself is produced by an endosymbiotic Ascomycota (Phycomycete) fungi. Camptothecin (Camptotheca acuminata), (GoldBio Catalog # C-705) has also been produced by endosymbiotic fungi present in Camptotheca acuminata, which is a tree predominantly found in southern China.

Product Specifications
Camptothecin (Mappia foetida)

Formula: C20H16N2O4

MW: 348.35 g/mol

Storage/Handling: Store desiccated at 4°C.

PubChem Chemical ID: 24360

Product Specifications

Catalog ID C-565
CAS # 7689-03-4
MW 348.35 g/mol

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