Puc19 Plasmid

Product Description

pUC19 Vector Plasmid is a compact, high-copy cloning vector with Ampicillin resistance and a versatile tool in molecular biology research. pUC19 has 2686 base pairs which harbor a 54 base-pair multiple cloning site (MCS) for efficient cloning with 13 unique restriction enzyme sites, offering flexibility and compatibility with a variety of experimental setups. It is identical to pUC18, except that their MCS are oriented opposite of each other.

The high copy number characteristic of pUC plasmids stems from the absence of the rop gene and a single point mutation in the replicon rep of pMB1, ensuring efficient replication and amplification of target DNA. Additionally, the bla gene, which encodes beta-lactamase, provides resistance to the antibiotic ampicillin.

pUC19 also incorporates elements from the lac operon, including the CAP protein binding site, promoter Plac, lac repressor binding site, and the 5’-terminal portion of the lacZ gene. The insertion of DNA into the MCS within the lacZ gene disrupts the N-terminal fragment of beta-galactosidase. While in the presence of IPTG and X-Gal, this resulting in a loss of alpha-complementation and the formation of distinct white colonies instead of the blue colonies of untransformed plasmids, offering a visual indicator of successful cloning events.


  • High Copy cloning
  • Small size = easy cloning
  • Ampicillin Resistance
  • Multiple Cloning Site (MCS) with 13 unique restriction enzyme sites
  • Blue/White screening

Product Specifications

Concentration: 0.2 μg/μL in TE
Volume: 50 μL
Backbone size: 2686 bp
Vector type: Cloning vector
Promoter: Lac
Bacterial Resistance(s): Ampicillin
Copy number: High Copy
Genbank Assession Number: L09137.2

Vector Map


GoldBio Vector Map and Sequence for pUC19


pUC19 DNA is at 0.2 μg/μL concentration in TE buffer.
Store all plasmids at -20°C.

Technical Documentation

P Protocol
O Other
C Certificate of Analysis
S Safety Data Sheet

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