Simple Stop™ 1 Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail

Product Description

We have reengineered our GoldBio Simple Stop™ 1 to have significantly better protection against Acid Phosphatases as well as enhanced protection against Protein Phosphatase.

Simple Stop™ 1 is a broad-spectrum phosphatase inhibitor cocktail consisting of five phosphatase inhibitors in two solutions that target all the phosphatase categories: serine/threonine (Ser/Thr) specific phosphatase, tyrosine specific phosphatase, dual specificity phosphatases, acid phosphatase and alkaline phosphatase.

Each Simple Stop™ phosphatase inhibitor cocktail solution is a 100X concentrated, ready-to-use, solution. Simply add cocktail solution “A” and cocktail solution “B” to your extraction buffers or samples and you are ready to go. This cocktail is ideal for inhibition in tissue extractions and cell lysis experiments and is compatible with most common protein assays.

Kit Components

  • Cocktail solution A: 0.25M Sodium Fluoride, 0.1M Sodium Pyrophosphate and 0.05M activated Sodium Orthovanadate
  • Cocktail solution B: 100mM β-glycerophosphate and 1M Sodium Molybdate

Storage/Handling: Store at 4°C. When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, these products should be stable for at least 2 year from the date of receipt.
Precipitate may occasionally occur in the solution. To solubilize, heat at 37-48°C for five minute and vortex.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID GB-450
Storage/Handling Store at 4°C.

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