TrueBlack™ Lipofuscin Autofluorescence Quencher

Product Description

TrueBlack™ is a new alternative to Sudan Black B for the quenching of lipofuscin autofluorescence in tissue sections for immunofluorescence staining. Lipofuscin consists of highly autofluorescent granules of oxidized proteins and lipids that build up in the lysosomes of aging cells. Lipofuscin granules fluoresce brightly in all channels used for fluorescence microscopy and accumulate in a variety of cell and tissue types with age. It’s necessary to quench or mask lipofuscin fluorescence in certain adult human tissues or aged animal tissues in order to properly image specific immunofluorescence signals.

Sudan Black B has traditionally been used to quench lipofuscin autofluorescence by incubating tissue sections with the dye after immunofluorescence staining. However it also introduces uniform, non-specific background fluorescence in the red and far-red channels, limiting the use of fluorescent dyes in those wavelengths.

TrueBlack™ Lipofuscin Autofluorescence Quencher effectively eliminates lipofuscin autofluorescence with far less red/far-red background fluorescence. It is also capable of reducing autofluorescence from other sources; such as collagen, elastin, red blood cells and general background fluorescence. TrueBlack™ treatment can be performed before or after immunostaining. It is rapid, simple, and has minimal effect on signal from fluorescent antibodies or nuclear counterstains, preserving the signal-to-noise ratio of the immunostaining.


  • Eliminates lipofuscin autofluorescence
  • Can reduce autofluorescence from non-lipofuscin sources
  • Doesn’t cause high background like Sudan Black B
  • Clears the way for fluorescence imaging of human and aged animal tissues

Storage/Handling: Store at room temperature.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID TB-250
Storage/Handling Store at room temperature.
UN Number 2265
Item Class 3
Group Number III

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