4% Agarose Beads, Standard, Crosslinked

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Product Description

Agarose is a very inert polysaccharide that forms hydrophilic and high gel strength gels at low concentrations.

Agarose beads are microspheres of agarose gels with different particle diameters and concentrations. Small spherical particles of agarose act as a porous gel to filter or separate a mixture of molecules according to their individual sizes. Due to its chemical structure (easy to activate), the agarose beads may be prepared to bind biomolecules in a reversible or irreversible manner.

Cross-linked agarose beads are used in gel filtration chromatography (or molecular exclusion chromatography) as well as for activating beads for biomolecule purification or immobilization. Cross-linked agarose beads can also be used for activating processes, generating active groups inside its pores capable of reversible or irreversible biomolecule bonds. Due to the bead’s large internal surface and to its composition (inert polysaccharide), agarose is an ideal medium for the preparation of activated beads.

4% agarose beads are suitable for use with FPLC, but with pressures no more than 20 kPa. Too much pressure or too fast of a flow rate will result in diminished performance.

Storage/Handling: Store at 4°C. Do not freeze.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID A-192
Storage/Handling store at 4°C. Do NOT freeze.

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