On Demand Webinar: Storytelling in Science Communication

About This Webinar

Enhance your presentations, science publications and other media used to communicate science communication by building in a story. Stories help engage, and this webinar gives you practical advice about applying techniques into your communication plan

Science is the key to world-changing innovation. But how can you explain what you do and why your research is so important to the people who really need to hear it?

In this seminar, we'll provide insights, tips and resources to help you gain the skills you need to better communicate your scientific research to your target audience.

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Why Watch:

  • Enhanced Research Communication Skills: Academics can improve their communication skills using storytelling to explain their research in a clear and engaging manner to both scientific and non-scientific audiences.
  • Improved Grant Writing: Securing grants to fund research is highly important in academia, and incorporating storytelling in grant applications can make proposals more impactful and increase their chances of funding.
  • Increased Impact of Research Papers: Incorporating storytelling techniques into research papers will help make them more accessible and understandable to a broader audience, potentially increasing citations and impact.
  • Effective Science Marketing: When promoting a scientific product or research initiative, storytelling can help industry professionals better communicate the significance of their work, ultimately driving sales and funding.
  • Improved Science-Based Decision Making: When it comes to making data-driven decisions, storytelling can help in presenting data and research findings in a compelling way, enabling stakeholders to understand complex scientific information and make more well-informed choices.
  • Enhanced Collaboration with Scientists: Industry experts working closely with researchers from other fields or industries also need to communicate with each other to understand each other’s topics. Here, a storytelling approach can help in the transfer of knowledge, leading to improved project outcomes.

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