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Ampicillin (Sodium), USP Grade

Catalog ID Size Pricing
A-301-5 5 g $ 35.00
A-301-10 10 g $ 49.00
A-301-25 25 g $ 65.00
A-301-100 100 g $ 215.00
A-301-500 500 g $ 969.00


Ampicillin sodium is a member of the extended-spectrum β-lactam family and similar in structure to penicillin. It is used in the selection of antibiotic cell hybrids and has a high rate of action against many gram-negative bacterial strains. Ampicillin sodium targets non-ESBL (Extended Spectrum β-lactamase) bacteria including Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species and medically important enteric pathogens such as Shigella and Salmonella. It has been found to be effective against certain β-lactam sensitive VRE or vancomycin resistant Enterococcus species. Resistance to ampicillin is routinely utilized as a selectable marker to confirm successful cell transformation. Ampicillin Sodium is freely soluble in water.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID A-301
CAS # 69-52-3
MW 371.39 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C.
Packs & Pricing
A-301-5 In stock 5 g $ 35.00
A-301-10 In stock 10 g $ 49.00
A-301-25 In stock 25 g $ 65.00
A-301-100 In stock 100 g $ 215.00
A-301-500 In stock 500 g $ 969.00

Carbenicillin (Disodium), USP Grade

Catalog ID Size Pricing
C-103-5 5 g $ 59.00
C-103-25 25 g $ 195.00
C-103-50 50 g $ 339.00
C-103-100 100 g $ 575.00
C-103-250 250 g $ 1,155.00


Carbenicillin is a member of the penicillin β-lactam antibiotics. However, unlike most β-lactams, carbenicillin disodium is limited to primarily gram-negative bacteria including Pseudomonas aeruginosa and common enteric species. It can be used in selection protocols and is often preferred over ampicillin due to its increased stability. This allows for less contamination of unwanted bacterial colonies. In addition, carbenicillin has been used to regulate bacterial growth in plants, yielding low regeneration frequencies. It can be used in genetic transformation applications to select for AmpR transformed cells.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID C-103
CAS # 4800-94-6
MW 422.36 g/mol
Packs & Pricing
C-103-5 In stock 5 g $ 59.00
C-103-25 In stock 25 g $ 195.00
C-103-50 In stock 50 g $ 339.00
C-103-100 In stock 100 g $ 575.00
C-103-250 In stock 250 g $ 1,155.00


Catalog ID Size Pricing
I2481C 1 g $ 25.00
I2481C5 5 g $ 35.00
I2481C25 25 g $ 145.00
I2481C50 50 g $ 225.00
I2481C100 100 g $ 415.00
I2481C200 200 g $ 795.00
I2481C300 300 g $ 1,059.00
I2481C400 400 g $ 1,375.00
I2481C500 500 g $ 1,655.00


IPTG is an analog of galactose that is non-metabolizable and inactivates the lac repressor to induce synthesis of β-galactosidase in E. coli. The expression of cloned genes under the control of the lac operon is induced by IPTG. It is also a substrate for thigalactoside transacetylase and has been reported to induce penicillinase in bacteria.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID I2481
Name(s) IPTG
CAS # 367-93-1
Formula C9H18O5S
MW 238.30 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C. Protect from light.
Packs & Pricing
I2481C In stock 1 g $ 25.00
I2481C5 In stock 5 g $ 35.00
I2481C25 In stock 25 g $ 145.00
I2481C50 In stock 50 g $ 225.00
I2481C100 In stock 100 g $ 415.00
I2481C200 In stock 200 g $ 795.00
I2481C300 In stock 300 g $ 1,059.00
I2481C400 In stock 400 g $ 1,375.00
I2481C500 In stock 500 g $ 1,655.00

Kanamycin Monosulfate, USP Grade

Catalog ID Size Pricing
K-120-5 5 g $ 35.00
K-120-10 10 g $ 65.00
K-120-25 25 g $ 125.00
K-120-50 50 g $ 225.00
K-120-100 100 g $ 415.00
K-120-250 250 g $ 949.00


Kanamycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic isolated from Streptomyces kanamyceticus. It is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as Mycoplasma species. Kanamycin is commonly used to select for bacteria that have been transformed with a kanamycin-resistant gene and plant tissues that have the NPT II (APH3) gene incorporated in them. Kanamycin is very soluble in aqueous solution and is typically used in concentrations of 50-100 µg/ml.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID K-120
CAS # 25389-94-0
MW 582.58 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C.
Packs & Pricing
K-120-5 In stock 5 g $ 35.00
K-120-10 In stock 10 g $ 65.00
K-120-25 In stock 25 g $ 125.00
K-120-50 In stock 50 g $ 225.00
K-120-100 In stock 100 g $ 415.00
K-120-250 In stock 250 g $ 949.00

D-Luciferin, Potassium Salt (Proven and Published®)

Catalog ID Size Pricing
LUCK-100 100 mg $ 54.00
LUCK-250 250 mg $ 129.00
LUCK-300 300 mg $ 151.00
LUCK-500 500 mg $ 194.00
LUCK-1G 1 g $ 245.00
LUCK-2G 2 x 1 g $ 472.00
LUCK-3G 3 x 1 g $ 702.00
LUCK-4G 4 x 1 g $ 928.00
LUCK-5G 5 x 1 g $ 1,150.00
LUCK-10G 10 x 1 g $ 2,280.00


Luciferin is a common bioluminescent reporter used for in vivo imaging of the expression of luciferase. This water soluble substrate for the firefly luciferase enzyme utilizes ATP and Mg2+ as cofactors to emit a characteristic yellow-green emission in the presence of oxygen, which shifts to red light in vivo at 37°C. Through the utilization of ATP, the reaction can be further used to indicate the presence of energy or life in order to function as a life-death stain.

Luciferin is a common reagent used throughout the biotechnology field and specifically for in vivo imaging. Luciferase labeled tumor cells, stem cells or infectious diseases are often inoculated into research animals such as rats or mice for investigation. The injection of luciferin allows for the real-time, noninvasive monitoring of disease progression and/or drug efficacy in these model systems through Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI).

Luciferin is also commonly used for in vitro research, including luciferase and ATP assays, gene reporter assays, high throughput sequencing and various contamination assays. ®

Product Specifications

Catalog ID LUCK®
Name(s) LUCK®, Proven and Published®;
D-Luciferin, Potassium Salt;
4,5-Dihydro-2-(6-hydroxy-2-benzothiazolyl)-4-thiazolecarboxylic acid potassium salt;
CAS # 115144-35-9
Formula C11H7N2O3S2K
MW 318.42 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C. Protect from light.
PubChem Chemical ID 44134804
Packs & Pricing
LUCK-100 In stock 100 mg $ 54.00
LUCK-250 In stock 250 mg $ 129.00
LUCK-300 In stock 300 mg $ 151.00
LUCK-500 In stock 500 mg $ 194.00
LUCK-1G In stock 1 g $ 245.00
LUCK-2G In stock 2 x 1 g $ 472.00
LUCK-3G In stock 3 x 1 g $ 702.00
LUCK-4G In stock 4 x 1 g $ 928.00
LUCK-5G In stock 5 x 1 g $ 1,150.00
LUCK-10G In stock 10 x 1 g $ 2,280.00

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