Sodium D-glucuronate

Product Description

Sodium glucuronate is a sugar derived carboxylic acid involved in glucuronidation, where glucuronic acid is bonded to a molecule, which allows for transport since glucuronate is highly water-soluble. This allows for the delivery of drugs or the removal of toxins from cells. It is used to increase cell toxin removal and to increase drug or hormone delivery to cells. and is one of the precursors to vitamin C.

Product Specifications
Sodium D-glucuronate;
D-Glucuronic acid;
Sodium glucuronate;
D-Glucuronic acid, sodium salt monohydrate

Formula: C6H11NaO8

MW: 234.14 g/mol

Storage/Handling: Store at room temperature.

PubChem Chemical ID: 24892836

Product Specifications

Catalog ID G-140
CAS # 207300-70-7
MW 234.14 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store at room temperature.

Technical Documentation

P Protocol
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C Certificate of Analysis
S Safety Data Sheet

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