pSoup-P19 Plasmid

Product Description

The pSoup helper plasmid is required for the replication of pGreen, 62SK, and pGs2 series plasmids. The p19 protein is derived from tomato bush dwarf virus and further improves the stability of heterologous gene transcripts by inhibiting RNA silencing of foreign. The combination of these features in the pSoup-P19 plasmid helps to enhance the Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of dicotyledonous plants like Arabidopsis thaliana, tobacco, and potato, as well as monocotyledonous plants such as corn.


  • Essential for the replication of pGreen transformations in Agrobacterium

Product Specifications

Concentration: 0.02 μg/μL in TE
Volume: 50 μL
Backbone size: 11,249 bp
Vector type: Vector backbone pSOUP-P19 (helper plasmid for all pGreen based vectors)
Promoter: Lac, 35S Camv
Bacterial Resistance(s): Tetracycline
Copy number: High Copy

Vector Map


GoldBio Vector Map and Sequence for pSoup-P19


pSoup-P19 DNA is at 0.02 μg/μL concentration in TE buffer.
Store all plasmids at -20°C.

Technical Documentation

P Protocol
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C Certificate of Analysis
S Safety Data Sheet

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