Product Description

GoldBio Plant agar is the preferred choice in Plant cell and Tissue culture as a general purpose agar and combines good quality with a favorable price. Agar is derived from red algae and is comprised of a mix of large polysaccharide agarose molecules and smaller, heterogeneous molecules called agaropectin.

Plant agar can be used in a minimal concentration of 5.5 g/L to to obtain a solid gel.

Product Specifications
Plant Agar;
agar-agar, Gum agar;

Gel Strength: >1100 g/cm 2

Storage/Handling: Store at room temperature.

Preparation: Add Plant Agar to media mix at desired concentration (minimum 5.5 g/L). Autoclave media at 121°C for 20 minutes. Remove from the autoclave immediately and cool to 50°C before pouring plates.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID P1001
CAS # 9002-18-0
Storage/Handling Store at room temperature.

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