Phosphoenolpyruvic acid monosodium salt hydrate

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Product Description

Phosphoenolpyruvic acid (PEP) is a high-energy phosphate found in living organisms and the phosphorylating agent for ATP generation. It is involved in glycolysis and gluconeogenesis and carbon fixation in plants. It is also a substrate for phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase, and a reagent in the determination of glycerol.

Product Specifications
Phosphoenolpyruvic acid monosodium salt hydrate;
Mono-sodium phosphoenolpyruvate;
Mono-Sodium phosphoenolpyruvate monohydrate;

Formula: C3H6NaO7P

MW: 208.04 g/mol

Storage/Handling: Store at -20°C.

PubChem Chemical ID: 23678968

Product Specifications

Catalog ID P-670
CAS # 53823-68-0
MW 208.04 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C.

Technical Documentation

P Protocol
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C Certificate of Analysis
S Safety Data Sheet

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