Mix-n-Stain™ CF®594 Antibody Labeling Kit

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Product Description

Mix-n-Stain™ CF®594 Antibody Labeling Kit is a deep red fluorescent dye spectrally similar to Alexa Fluor® 594 and Texas Red® dye. CF®568 is significantly brighter and more photostabile than competing fluorescent dyes, making it the best fluorescent dye for demanding applications such as confocal and single molecule imaging as well as for labeling proteins and nucleic acids. The dye is particularly useful to combine with our blue fluorescent CF®405 dyes, green fluorescent CF®488A and far red CF®640R for multi-color imaging.

Mix-n-Stain™ antibody labeling kits are a revolutionary antibody labeling technology that allows you to label your primary antibody with biotin or one of our superior CF® dyes in 30 minutes without the need for a purification step. The labeling procedure tolerates many common buffer components and antibody stabilizers. CF® dyes are highly water soluble, small organic dyes designed for labeling proteins and nucleic acids. Many of our CF® dyes are brighter and more photostable than competing dyes. Click the link for a complete list of more than 20 GoldBio CF® antibody labeling kits.

Technical Summary
    Abs/Em Maxima: 593/614 nm
    Excitation laser line: 532 nm, 568 nm or 594 nm
    Extinction Coefficient: 115,000
    MW: ~730 g/mol
Kit Components
    Mix-n-Stain™ 10X reaction buffer
    Mix-n-Stain™ antibody storage buffer
    Ultrafiltration vial

Storage/Handling: Store the kit at -20°C.

Product may be shipped on room temperature without reducing performance. Please place at the recommended storage conditions upon receipt of the product.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID CF-594
MW ~730 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store the kit at -20°C.

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