Goof-Proof™ Universal Probe Master Mix

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Product Description

Goof-Proof™ Universal Probe Master Mix is a high-performance 2X master mix for fluorescent probe-based PCR applications such as SNP genotyping and quantitation. Goof-Proof™ has broad instrument compatibility, can be used in both standard and fast protocols and shows a high degree of consistency in both singleplex and multiplex reactions. The Goof-Proof™ Universal Probe Master Mix is perfectly designed for all fluorescent probe technologies, including displacement probes such as Molecular Beacon and hydrolysis probes such as TaqMan®.

Goof-Proof™ Universal Probe Master Mix figure 1

Figure 1: Reaction after
adding template with
1X Goof-Proof™ Tracking

Kit components

  • GoldBio HotStart Taq DNA Polymerase and dNTPs in an optimized buffer suitable for high qPCR sensitivity and multiplex reactions. Note: Primers, probe and template not included.
  • Goof-Proof™ Tracking Buffer -
    The 40X Tracking Buffer contains an inert blue dye. Adding the tracking buffer to the DNA template makes it “Goof-Proof” to track which reactions have had template added to the PCR reactions. Alternatively, Goof-Proof™ Tracking Buffer can be added to the master mix to distinguish wells with reaction buffer from empty wells. Tracking Buffer is not required for the reaction to function, but is designed to help alleviate mistakes.

Note: Goof-Proof™ Universal Probe Master Mix does not include ROX reference dye. For instruments that require either a low or high concentration of ROX reference dye, we offer Goof-Proof™ Universal Probe Master Mix with ROX (Catalog # G-715) which includes a separate vial of ROX Reference dye, and instructions for how much ROX to add depending on which protocol and instrument you are using.

Storage/Handling: Store the kit at -20°C.

Product may be shipped on blue ice without reducing performance. Please place at the recommended storage conditions upon receipt of the product.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID G-710
Storage/Handling Store the kit at -20°C.

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