Cy5‐NHS Ester

Product Description

Cy5‐NHS Ester is an amine-reactive Cy5 labeling dye that carries only one reactive group on each dye molecule for accurate labeling of amine groups on antibodies or oligonucleotides.

Cy5 dyes are one of most widely used NIR fluorescent dyes. Cy5 conjugates are very bright, photostable, pH insensitive and produce minimal autofluorescence of biological specimens in this region of the spectrum.

Fluorescence of this long-wavelength Cy5 dye is not visible to the human eye but is readily detected by most imaging systems.

Cy5 dyes are water-soluble labeling reagent. Cy5 conjugates are excited maximally at 648 nm and fluoresce maximally at 665 nm. They are excited to about 98% of maximum with a krypton/argon laser (647 nm line) or to about 63% of maximum with a helium/neon laser (633 nm line).

Formula: C38H46N3O11S3

Storage/Handling: Store at -20°C. Product shipped at ambient temperature.
Soluble in Water, DMSO, or DMF.

Optical Properties:

λabs 649 nm
λem 670 nm
Extinction Coefficient 250,000 M-1 cm-1
CF280 0.05
CF260 0.05 nm
Molecular Weight 1050.97 g/mol

Product Specifications

Catalog ID B-430
Storage/Handling Store at -20°C.

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