ProBlock™ Gold Plant Protease Inhibitor Cocktail [100X]

Product Description

ProBlock™ Gold Plant protease inhibitor cocktail contains optimized concentrations of various plant protease inhibitors, which provide excellent inhibition of protease activities during protein purification from plant. The cocktail contains both reversible and irreversible protease inhibitors to inhibit serine, cysteine, metalloproteases and specific inhibitors for plant proteases, such as aspartic proteases and aminopeptidases. A 1X concentration oft ProBlock™ Gold Plant inhibits over 90% of protease activities.


• Greater Range of Inhibition – 95%+
• Better than tablets – the ready-to-use, refrigerator-stable, 100X liquid format is more effective and easier to use than traditional tablet products; just pipette exactly the amount you need!
• No proprietary ingredients – formulation contains AEBSF, aprotinin, bestatin, E-64, leupeptin and pepstatin A, and PMSF
• Multiple package sizes
• Two popular formulations – regular formulation includes a separate vial of EDTA solution for optional metalloprotease inhibition; EDTA-free formulation ensures compatibility with isoelectric focusing
• Specifically optimized for plant proteases

Storage/Handling: Store at 4°C. When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, these products should be stable for at least 2 year from the date of receipt.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID GB-332
Storage/Handling Store at 4°C.

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