Chicoric acid

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Product Description

Chicoric acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid that occurs in a variety of plants such as Cichorium intybus and Echinacea purpurea. It has been used as an anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and an insulin enhancer.

Chicoric acid has specifically been used as an inhibitor of integrase enzymes in human immunodeficiency virus type one (HIV1). Inhibition of this enzyme prevents viral genetic material from being incorporated into host DNA. It specifically shows activity towards HIV1 and not HIV2.

Chicoric acid presence for in vivo and in vitro studies have shown a stimulation in AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) expression. The upregulation in AMPK expression results in the observed antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and insulin enhancing effects. Anti-oxidizing protein synthesis has been increased through AMPK stimulation. AMPK has also been shown to diminish inflammatory responses by increasing interleukin 10 synthesis (IL10), an anti-inflammatory cytokine. Chicoric acid stimulation of AMPK inhibits glucose-6-phosphate formation, promoting glucose utilization. The release of insulin by pancreatic β-islet cells has been correlated with direct stimulation by chicoric acid.

Product Specifications
Chicoric acid
Cichoric acid
Dicaffeoyltartaric acid

Formula: C22H18O12

MW: 474.37 g/mol

Storage/Handling: Store desiccated at -20°C.

PubChem Chemical ID: 5281764

Product Specifications

Catalog ID C-815
CAS # 6537-80-8
MW 474.37 g/mol

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