Immobilized Papain Agarose Resin

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Product Description

Papain is a cysteine protease enzyme from papaya latex that has a wide variety of activities including endopeptidases, aminopeptidases, dipeptidyl peptidases and enzymes with both exo- and endo-peptidase activity. In particular, papain cleaves immunoglobulin G (IgG) molecules near the hinge region of the antibody, resulting in three similar, ~50 kDa, fragments; an Fc domain and two monovalent Fab domains. This papain-digested antibody is therefore unable to promote agglutination, precipitation, opsonization or lysis. The Fc fragment can then be used to determine the specificity of the Fc receptors without any typical antigen binging interference while the Fab fragments can be used in immunohistochemical studies.

Immobilized Papain Agarose Resin is a convenient reagent for the production of Fab and Fc fragments which eliminates autolysis and protease contamination, allows for better control of the digestion and eliminates the need to remove the papain enzyme after digestion. The Fab fragments can further be separated from the Fc fragment with either our Protein A Agarose Resin (GoldBio Catalog # P-400) or via ion exchange chromatography.

Immobilized Papain Agarose Resin is supplied as a 50% slurry in 50% glycerol, 0.1M sodium acetate, pH 4.4 with sodium azide as a preservative.

Activity: ≥15‐40 BAEE units/ml resin (One unit will hydrolyze 1.0 µmole of BAEE per minute at pH 6.2 at 25°C).

Capacity: 250 µg papain/ml resin

Resin: 6% Cross‐linked Agarose

Shipping/Handling: Shipped at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store at 4°C. Do NOT freeze.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID I-020
Storage/Handling store at 4°C. Do NOT freeze.

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