IPTG EZ Pak™ for 1 M Solution

Product Description

The IPTG EZ Pak™ is the fastest and easiest way to make a set amount of sterile IPTG solution. The kit includes preweighed IPTG powder, a sterile filter, and a sterile container for the filtered solution. No need to calculate, simply add the stated amount of deionized H2O, filter, and pour into the labeled bottle for easy usage. The EZ Pak™ includes high quality GoldBio IPTG and the sterile solution is ready for tissue culture, bacterial media, or any other appropriate use.

The 50 ml and 100 ml require a vacuum manifold for easy vacuum filtering, while the 10 ml pack size comes with a syringe filter.

IPTG is commonly used with X-Gal (Gold Bio #X4281C) or Bluo-Gal (Gold Bio #B-673) for blue/white colony screening or Magenta-Gal (Gold Bio #B-378) for red/white colony screening of bacterial colonies.

IPTG is an analog of galactose that is non-metabolizable and inactivates the lac repressor to induce synthesis of β-galactosidase in E. coli. The expression of cloned genes under the control of the lac operon is induced by IPTG. It is also a substrate for thigalactoside transacetylase and has been reported to induce penicillinase in bacteria.

IPTG is also used in the induction of recombinant proteins. In those systems, a protein of interest is encoded downstream of the IPTG inducible promoter. In the presence of IPTG, the protein of interest is induced in the cell culture. The culture can then be lysed and the protein expressed and purified through a number of methods, including His Tag or GST purification systems (for proteins with ligand tags).

GoldBio IPTG is made from a synthetic, non-animal origin.

PubChem Chemical ID: 656894

Product Specifications

Catalog ID I2481-EZ
CAS # 367-93-1
MW 238.30 g/mol

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