Salinomycin Sodium

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Product Description

Salinomycin is a coccidiostat ionophore antibiotic isolated from Streptomyces albus. It increases cation movement across cell membranes through exchange-diffusion, resulting in altered gradients due to a lack of control of ion permeability. This effect allows ions (K+, Na+, Ca+, Mg2+) to accumulate inside the cell, reaching toxic levels. Salinomycin sodium is freely soluble in aqueous solution.

Salinomycin targets gram-positive bacteria; however, gram-negative bacteria is not susceptible to salinomycin due to its additional outer membrane. Salinomycin has been shown to induce apoptosis in a variety of cancer cell lines and to inhibit multidrug resistance protein 1.

Antibiotics are often used in clinical in vitro tests known as antimicrobial susceptibility tests or ASTs to determine their efficacy against certain bacterial species. They are tested against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria using panels, discs, and MIC strips by medical microbiologists. ASTs decrease the risk of using an antibiotic against bacteria exhibiting resistance to it, and the results are used in clinical settings to determine which antibiotic(s) to prescribe for various infections.

Product Specifications
Salinomycin Sodium;


Formula: C 42H69NaO11 ∙ XH2O

MW: 772.98 g/mol (anhydrous)

Storage/Handling: Store at 2-8 °C.

PubChem Chemical ID: 23686751

Air shipments may require special packaging and a small additional box charge.

Product Specifications

Catalog ID S-210
CAS # 55721-31-8
MW 772.98 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store at 4°C.

Technical Documentation

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