4-Methylumbelliferyl phosphate, free acid

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Product Description

4-Methylumbelliferyl phosphate (MUP) is a sensitive fluorogenic substrate for fluorometric and UV-spectrophotometric assays of phosphatase.

Phosphotase activity has long been studied due to its importance in cellular function. Upon dephosphorylation, MUP yields fluorescent 4-methylumelliferone (4-MU). This reaction has been used to spot PCR amplified products in ELISA and to classify bacteria.

More specifically, MUP can act as an indicator of C. perfringens because of its ability to detect phosphatase which is a highly specific indicator of C. perfringens.

Product Specifications
4-Methylumbelliferyl phosphate free acid


Formula: C10H9O6P

MW: 256.15 g/mol

PubChem Chemical ID: 65118

Storage/Handling: Store desiccated at -20°C. Protect from light.


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Product Specifications

Catalog ID M-700
CAS # 3368-04-5
MW 256.15 g/mol
Storage/Handling Store desiccated at -20°C. Protect from light.

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