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Maybe you're just starting out with GoldBio and want to explore other products to support your lab while also saving more money. GoldBio's New Customer Discount is an easy way to do just that. Send us a list of products you're interested in. Your dedicated account manager will return with a standing quote good for up to 3 months. During that time, you can order and reorder any of the quoted products using your quote number.

US-Based new GoldBio customers who have made 3 GoldBio orders or less qualify. Or, customers who have not ordered from GoldBio in more than 3 years qualify for this program*.

Who Qualifies

It's easy to qualify for the Gold Biotechnology's customer discount. You qualify* if any of these apply to you:

1. You have never purchased with GoldBio before.

2. You have only ordered 3 times before with GoldBio.

3. It has been 3 years or longer since your last order with GoldBio.

*Only researchers working in the United States can take advantage of GoldBio's New Customer Discount. Does not apply to third parties or distributors.

How It Works

If you are working in a US-based lab and have ordered from Gold Biotechnology 3 times or less, you qualify. Or, if it has been 3 years or more since your last GoldBio order, and you are working in the United States, you also qualify for Gold Biotechnology's new customer discount.

new customer program - shows you can reorder from your same quote for up to 3 months

New Customer Discount Signup

Important Resources:

*Note: Not all categories/products are eligible for discounts.

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