Agrobacterium Electrocompetent Cells from GoldBio

GoldBio’s high efficiency LBA4404 Agrobacterium Electrocompetent Cells are are optimized for the highest transformation efficiencies, and ideal for applications such as cDNA or gDNA library construction.

LBA4404 contains a rifampicin resistance gene (rif) and also has streptomycin resistance.LBA4404 strain also contains an octoprine-type Ti plasmid pAL4404 without self-transport function, which contains the vir gene.

LBA4404 Agrobacterium ElectroCompetent Cells

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CC-220-5x50 5 x 50 μL $ 199.00
CC-220-10x50 10 x 50 μL $ 359.00
CC-220-15x50 15 x 50 μL $ 485.00


GoldBio’s LBA4404 ElectroCompetent Agrobacterium cells allow you to obtain high transformation efficiency in applications such as gDNA or cDNA library construction. Our LBA4404 strain harbor a rifampicin resistance (rif) gene. Furthermore, LBA4404 has an octoprine-type Ti plasmid pAL4404 without self-transport function, containing the vir genes. Our LBA4404 strain can be used in genetic transformation of tomato, tobacco and other plants.

Product Specifications
Competent cell type: ElectroCompetent
Species: A. tumefaciens
Strain: LBA4404
Transformation efficiency: ≥4 x 106 cfu/µg pCAMBIA1391z DNA
Blue/white screening: No

Packs & Pricing
CC-220-5x50 In stock 5 x 50 μL $ 199.00
CC-220-10x50 In stock 10 x 50 μL $ 359.00
CC-220-15x50 In stock 15 x 50 μL $ 485.00
Additional Details

The LBA4404 strain is useful for transgenic operations of tomatoes, tobacco and other plants.

Storage/Handling: This product may be shipped on dry ice. LBA4404 Agrobacterium Electrocompetent cells should be stored at -80°C, pCAMBIA1391z Control DNA should be stored at -20°C and recovery medium should be stored at 4°C immediately upon arrival. When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, these products should be stable for at least 1 year from the date of receipt.

Quick Specifications
Transformation Efficiency ≥1 x 107 cfu/µg pCAMBIA1391z DNA

Reagents for One Reaction * LBA4404 Electrocompetent
Agrobacterium: 25 µl
* DNA (pCAMBIA1391z, 500 pg/µl): 1 µl
* Recovery medium: 1 ml

Plasmid Information Octoprine-type Ti plasmid pAL4404

Resistance Information Rifampicin resistance,
Streptomycin resistance

Plant Information
Tomatoes, tobacco and other plants

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