Webinar: How to Green Your Lab

Webinar: How to Green Your Lab - 10 sustainable things that every lab can start doing right now.

October 13, 2021 - 11:00 AM CST

Join GoldBio and Dr. Fanny Yuen for a webinar on how to make better, greener choices to help create a sustainable lab.

Science is the key to world-changing innovation. But our research labs have a huge ecological footprint. Our fume hoods consume multiple households worth of energy and each bioscientist nears 1 ton of plastic biohazard waste per year. It’s time for change!

In this seminar, we’ll arm you with ten practical actions you can make in your lab today to start your Green Lab journey off with impact. We’ll give you some advice and recommendations for adopting sustainable practices that will save you money and improve the health and safety of your lab.

Why Attend:
  • Discover high impact actions you can use to Green Your Lab, even on a low budget
  • Get tips on how to side-step pitfalls in starting a Green Lab program
  • Learn about the movement and how you can benefit shared knowledge and expertise through our free Green Lab community

Dr. Fanny Yuen

Dr. Fanny Yuen is passionate about Sustainable Science. She helps both industrial and academic labs develop science-based action plans that minimizes carbon footprint without compromising great research. She also founded Green Your lab (https://greenyourlab.org) a free network offering knowledge and expertise to help every lab, on any budget, Go Green.

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