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You and your labmates do some pretty awesome stuff, and have some pretty photo worthy projects. Feature some of those brilliant moments of beauty and wonder that is science. Send us a photo and if selected, we'll feature it on a GoldBio Collector Edition Magnet (distributed free with GoldBio orders and at trade shows). Just complete the form below and check out some of our current entries. If your entry is chosen, we'll contact you at the email address provided as well as send you a few magnets to keep or pass out.

General Guidelines:

  • Photos must be in a horizontal orientation, or able to be cropped.
  • You must have the rights and permission to the photos you send, and will be authorizing GoldBio to publish your photos on other media.
  • A supplementary photo release may be requested if we choose to use your photo.
  • Be sure to send high resolution photos.
  • You may also email your entry to [email protected]. Please attention your message to the Marketing Department in your subject line, and include the information requested in the submission form below.

Image Submission Form

Recent Entries:

From: Heather Mallin

Title: Bacterial genera

Description: All bacterial taxonomic groups written to the genus level (according to the LPSN).

Original Image(s)

Image used with permission from Heather Mallin.

From: Bridget Kennedy & Lindsey Kaydo

Title: Purified Monomeric Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein

Description: Protein was expressed in E. coli BL21(DE3) cells. Protein was purified 1Using Ni-NTA chromatography by Bridget Kennedy. Photo was taken by Lindsey Kaydo using the following settings: f/1.8 1/200 ISO-1600 50mm Flash On! We put the protein in a dark room and used the flash to excite the chromophore.

Original Image Right click, open in new tab to view a larger image.

Image used with permission from Bridget Kennedy & Lindsey Kaydo

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