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GoldBio's collection of high- quality products and resources is designed to support your protein characterization research. Our reagents, including blocking and blotting reagents, antibody labeling kits, and protein ladders, are proven tools for Western blotting and many other protein assays. Below you can also explore GoldBio's HRP and detection reagents as well as our innovative detection reagents AquaSpark™ Broad Range Phosphatase and Alkaline Phosphatase substrates.

Featured Western Blot Products

Find out how GoldBio's vast protein analysis product collection can help you detect your protein of interest through Western Blotting. You can use our Coomassie stains to visualize your protein band on SDS-PAGE and complete the blocking step using GoldBio's BSA. In addition, choose to detect your proteins on nitrocellulose or PVDF with our Ponceau S solution. Explore our antibody labeling kits, which are ideal for labeling your primary anitbodies with AP, HRP, FITC or one of our superior water-soluble CF™ dyes.

Check out GoldBio's Resources and Tools for Western Blotting

Our Western blotting resources and tools include troubleshooting information, Bradford protein assay and immunodetection methods, as well as AquaSpark™ step-by-step protocols for use in Western blot and ELISA. Our easy-to-follow Western blotting protocols also include information on chromogenic and chemiluminescent visualization systems designed to help with your protein detection, quantification and analysis.

Mix-n-Stain™ Antibody Labeling Kit Protocol
You can label your primary antibody with one of our superior CF™ dyes in 30 minutes without the need...
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