One of the products that you’ve repeatedly asked us to carry at GoldBio is a Protein G Agarose resin for affinity purification. So we’re excited to tell you that we now have a reliable and cost-effective Protein G Agarose resin ( Catalog # P-430) available for your research needs!

Protein G is a 23 kDa cell-surface protein from the group G Streptococcus species that is often used in the purification of antibodies because of its great affinity with the Fc (crystallizable fragment) region of immunoglobulin G.

Similar to Protein A, Protein G has been used to extensively to detect and purify IgG antibodies and antigen/antibody complexes, and it has efficacy over a wide pH range (pH4-8). But Protein G has a wider range of reactivity over more species than Protein A (including goats, rats and sheep). Most notably, Protein G binds to Human IgG 3 and Mouse IgG 1, two antibodies that Protein A reacts with poorly. You may find a more inclusive list of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies associations in the additional information page for Protein G . One potential drawback of native Protein G is that it tends to bind to human serum albumin (HSA), though that does not seem to affect its ability to bind to Human IgG. However, GoldBio’s recombinant Protein G Agarose resin has been genetically engineered to remove the albumin-binding domain as well as the cell wall and cell membrane binding domains to ensure the maximum specific IgG binding capacity.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this new product. We will continue to look for the best products for your research and the best prices for those products to pass along to you. And if there are any other products that you would love for us to carry, please contact us and let us know!

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