The GoldBio Floating Tube Rack is one of our more clever giveaways because of the unique purpose it serves. And, with it also being one of our most popular giveaways at shows, many labs tend to accumulate these foamy green squares – enough to come up with wild ways to use them.

GoldBio Floating Tube Rack Contest

So, naturally, we held a contest, calling for some of the most creative uses. What we got were some very inspiring submissions, some from our very own team (who were not eligible for any prizes).

Take a look at some of the unique ideas that came out of this year’s GoldBio Floating Tube Rack Contest:

Yuliya M.:

“I used the GoldBio floatie to organize my cables at my desk in the lab.”

Desk Cable Organizer

(One of 2018's winners!)

Diana B.:

“I use the floatie to hold microfuge tubes while I weigh small aliquots into the tubes.”

Karen P.:

“Floaters are great for rooting plant cuttings in water.”

(GoldBio Team Member Entry)

Eric S.:

“I made a busy board for my son's 1st birthday that includes the floaters. Here are a few pictures of the board and him playing with it!”

(One of 2018's winners!)

Katia R.:

“Pipette Rack with the floating tube racks. Takes 4 floaters and a little glue to make.”

(GoldBio Team Member Entry)

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