Agrobacterium Electrocompetent Cells from GoldBio

GoldBio’s Agrobacterium ElectroCompetent Combo Pack is perfect for scientists who require multiple agrobacterium competent cell strains for their research.The Agrobacterium ElectroCompetent Combo Pack contains three, 50 µl aliquots, of each: GV3101, AGL1, EHA105 and LBA4404 strains, along with pCambia and our proprietary Agro Recovery Media.

Quick Specifications
Transformation Efficiency ≥1 x 107 cfu/µg pCAMBIA1391z DNA

Pack Includes: * GV3101 Strain (3 x 50 µl)
* AGL1 Strain (3 x 50 µl)
* LBA4404 Strain (3 x 50 µl)
* EHA105 Strain (3 x 50 µl)
* Recovery medium: 1 ml

Reagents Needed for
One Reaction
* ElectroCompetent Agrobacterium: 25 µl
* DNA (pCAMBIA1391z, 500 pg/µl): 1 µl
* Recovery medium: 1 ml

Additional Details

Storage/Handling: This product may be shipped on dry ice. Agrobacterium Electrocompetent cells should be stored at -80°C, pCAMBIA1391z Control DNA should be stored at -20°C and recovery medium should be stored at 4°C immediately upon arrival. When stored under the recommended conditions and handled correctly, these products should be stable for at least 1 year from the date of receipt.

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