certus QC - mycoplasma Detection Kits

How Can Your Lab Benefit From A Better Test?

There Is a Better Way to Test for Mycoplasmas.

The first molecular rapid test for the reliable detection of Mycoplasmas: Ensure that your cell culture is absolutely free of Mycoplasma contamination.

Get trusted results without fear of false negatives or time-consuming tests. The certus QC - mycoplasma Detection Kits are a ready-to-use isothermal master mixes for simple, rapid and highly sensitive detection of Mycoplasmas and Acholeplasma in cell culture.

Current Mycoplasma detection methods are either not sensitive enough or are too time-consuming and laborious to execute. Upgrade your lab to the certus QC - mycoplasma Detection Kits, and have the most sensitive results in about half an hour.

Extremely sensitive.

Simple and rapid test.

No DNA extraction.

Don't Risk The Impacts of Mycoplasma Contamination

Cell culture is a vital application in research and production. Don't unintentionally risk your lab's hard work and endanger your research. Choose the best method for detecting Mycoplasmas.

Detect issues before they become problems.

Get published faster. Go to market sooner.

Publish confidently.

Superior Sensitivity | Exceptional Time-Savings

A Protocol So Easy, It Only Takes You 5 Minutes

Protocol overview for certus QC - mycoplasma Detection Kit (catalog # MD-250). Please note that the certus mycoADVANCED Detection Kit requires a centrifugation step instead of a 1:1 dilution.

Choose A Kit | Compare Their Features

Choose The Standard certus QC-mycoplasma Detection Kit When:

You need to detect all relevant Mycoplasma species.

You need a very sensitive, cost-effective test.

You want to test supernatant only.

Choose certus QC-mycoADVANCED Detection Kit When:

You are working under GMP-like conditions.

You need to detect all Mycoplasma species according to the American/European Pharmacopoeia with maximum sensitivity.

You want to test supernatant or cell suspension.

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